I would like to start with this very sentence, The journey is more beautiful than destination To be honest, Verbal was never my forte, it lead to my downfall once in CAT, it was difficult to invest another year doing the very same things you’ve done throughout an year, you knew you were on right track, but then that wasn’t just your day. Here is when Quantifiers came into play, you seek direction or motivation, talk to Sahil Sir once and I’m sure you’ll have I can do anything attitude in you. I learnt a lot, I improvised a lot, I fell, I rose but the support and motivation was the only constant. QA and DILR were only taught when I joined Quantifiers and still whenever we interact, I ask Sahil Sir that you should have included verbal too. QA and DILR that I learnt, not only prepared me for CAT but the journey transformed as a individual too, making a much more positive person. I discussed doubts at almost every time the clock shows, at 1am, 3am, 5 am, it felt like someone was working on me 24*7, like someone is always pushing me to achieve more and more. The methods, the approaches, and most importantly no fancy stuff made things much more easier, it was like there was a roadmap and we just had to follow it. I would take this opportunity to thank Quantifiers for making the journey to IIM C less difficult than what it could have been.

May 12, 2022