Well, I’m not asking you to believe my words but go and witness yourself. I was a member of Quantifiers Whatsapp group, I was simply taken aback by the way every doubt was solved instantaneously, how can someone be awake 24*7? I have personally seen doubts getting solved at 2/3/4 in the night. I took up the course in June and my journey was never the same, I can ensure you the amount of personal attention you get there, you can’t get anywhere. I mentioned it to Sahil Sir too that I never felt that there is a teacher teaching at the other side, it was always like, an elder brother, who has been guiding/scolding me, the motivational sessions, the workshops every aspect that you can think of was taken care to perfection.QA was my biggest fear, I remember scoring in single digits in my initial mocks, but thanks to Quantifiers for believing in me, making me realize that nothing is impossible. It will not be an injustice to say that these guys worked harder than us, pushing us every single day, giving us regular tasks, DILR sets, RCs.The most important part is, we were never taught the questions which were irrelevant from exam perspective, sometimes I found some questions in mocks which were alien to me, but thanks to the mentoring, I was always aligned to what actually came in CAT.QA is a tough section for non-engineers they say, I disapprove that, but trust me, the more classes I attended, the less I believed the statement, we were always told that “P&C nahi ayega aisa, Binomial me time waste naai kro ……….” Special focus on Arithmetic, Geometry and Algebra played a pivotal role in my scores, The booster sessions were cherry on the cake, it was like every concept knocked our brain and entered.DILR focus was a different level, the variety we practiced made sure that we have covered everything that could be, as a result I was able to solve 4 sets on D-day. Finally, I will again ask you to just join Quantifiers without a doubt and witness the magic. Thanking Quantifiers Adios

May 12, 2022